April 8, 2018

About Pat & Joyce of Chain O’Lakes Boat Rentals

About Pat & Joyce of Chain O’Lakes Boat Rentals

Patrick was born and raised in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs and, aside from his High School years in Arkansas, has lived here for most of his life. He has always been a huge fan of Boating and would prefer to be outdoors than inside. Patrick enjoyed a successful career in Commercial Lithography for more than 25 years and purchased his first home at the age of 29. Patrick and Joyce met in the Summer of 1996 while Joyce was finishing her Associates for Nursing Degree. Joyce, an RN for over 20 years, is a Chicago Native and life long Illinois Resident. Together they would spend weekends either taking long Motorcycle rides or Boating on the Chain o’ Lakes. Patrick and Joyce wed in 2001, shortly thereafter they decided to sell both Patrick’s Home and Joyce’s Home and purchase a Home in Palatine. About a year later, in the Spring of 2002, they decided to purchase Pelican Bay Marina.

Patrick’s interest in Boats

Patrick was always very hands on when it came to fixing Boats and Cars and has been working on classic cars and boats for most of his life. The combination of Patrick’s interest in Boats and both Joyce and Patrick’s enjoyment of outdoor activities made the decision to purchase the Marina quite simple. “Yes, it is an investment for us but it is also a lifestyle” “We love that the Marina is not too large, it allows us to offer our customers all the benefits of dealing with a small business” Patrick says. “We’re able to be available to our customers whenever they need us”. “We would rather be better than bigger” he adds. In fact, Patrick and Joyce have continued to make improvements to the Campground and Marina since their purchase in 2002.

Chain O’Lakes Boat Rentals improvements

One of their first major renovations was the Campground Bathrooms and Showers. “We just really felt that our customers should expect to have nice and clean facilities”, ” It’s what we would expect as customers”. In fact, Patrick and Joyce are breaking ground on a new Building to be used as their Office and Repair Shop. The new Building will be 34 feet by 56 feet and will be located near the entrance on the SW corner of the Property. They expect to have the Building completed by the Spring of 2019. “The new Building will be a game changer for us”, “we’ve have wanted a new Office and Shop for years and, needless to say, we’re very excited to see the progress!”. Patrick will begin laying the foundation this Spring and Summer and they expect to start erecting the main structure by late fall.

We have the best Customers

“Although we have no desire to expand our operation, we will always continue to make improvements”, “aside from the Building Project, this years goal is to improve the Campground and Marina Landscape”, “most of the major mechanical improvements are complete, now it’s time to focus more on aesthetics”. Being a “mom and pop shop”, Patrick and Joyce understand the every Customer is important, in fact, they still have customer’s at the Marina that have been there longer than Patrick and Joyce have owned it!. “We have the best Customers”, “we appreciate their business and strive to show it every day!”

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