April 4, 2018

About The Chain

The Chain O’Lakes waterway system is perfect for renting a boat. The Chain is located in northeast Illinois and composed of 15 lakes connected by the Fox River and man-made channels. Encompassing more than 7,100 acres (29 km2) of water, 488 miles (785 km) of shoreline and 45 miles (72 km) of river. Located on the border of Lake County and McHenry County, about an hour’s drive from the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rockford, the lakes are popular with boaters and fishermen drawing weekend crowds of 30,000 and holiday crowds of 100,000 people.

Chain O lakes Map

The Chain O’Lakes is home to hundreds of businesses. Businesses on the Chain include marinas, boat vendors, resorts, campgrounds, restaurants and bars. Among the most famous of these are Blarney Island bar on Grass Lake and the Mineola resort on Fox Lake. Renting a pontoon boat is the best way to visit all these attractions.

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